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I’ve been a writer most of my life but only got serious about it in 2014. And by ‘getting serious’ I mean writing more days than I didn’t, reading craft books, and attending conferences. That last one though was such a struggle. With kids at home, an--often more than--full-time job, and limited funds, going to conferences was daunting. And that was even before all the throngs of people I had to navigate and make small talk with. The few cons I went to were small, close enough to home I didn’t need to afford a hotel room, dizzying in their offerings, and often too overwhelming.


Did I learn a lot?



Did I meet other writers?



Do I still talk to any of them?



Did I get any writing done while at these conferences?


Which got me thinking: Where did I meet like-minded folks I still talk and share ideas with?

My answer: the internet.


However, that wasn’t the end of my search. I didn’t wake up suddenly dreaming of starting this business because of that single question.


No, my friends, I also came up with it because I’m a slow reader with a neurodivergent mind. Meaning, I can google anything in the world but if the blog post or article is more than a single screen, I’ve likely been interrupted six times before I get to scroll down, either by my kids or my own brain. Video lectures help and audiobooks are fantastic when I make the time for them, but writing advice rarely seems to come in those forms except by book.


Now, don’t get me wrong, audiobooks are amazing, but I can hardly sit in a chair listening and taking notes for hours at a time. I do want to write occasionally, too!

So, what was I to do?


The answer: Create Retreats Between the Lines. 


After lots of research and consultation with mental health experts, I was able to create a program specifically designed for the neurodivergent mind that's also accessible to all.


The varied schedule allows for focus in the best way possible for that day in the environment most suited to success. The format offers video, transcript, or audio-only files for every program. And all of this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.


Want to retreat in a coffee shop for the day? Go for it.


Have a hot spot at a cabin in the woods for a weekend? Awesome.


Got the kids distracted by the latest animated adventure and want to sneak in a quick lecture or writing sprint? We’ve got you covered.


Now, sit back, relax, and check out our offerings until you find one, or more, programs that provide exactly what will help you the most.

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