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Product Info: Retreat    

This service allows you to enjoy the education of a conference and writing time of a retreat all from the comfort of your home.

Each retreat is designed with the neurodivergent brain in mind, offering visual cues suggesting breaks according to the Pomodoro method without breaking the concentration of anyone hyper focusing on their writing. Then at the end of each writing session there will be an auditory indication it’s time to switch activities.

The writing sessions will all start with a guided meditation to aid in bringing the mind into focus and shutting out all other obstacles and distractions.


Please see our full schedule below.


Content objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

[course specific objectives]


Course Presenter:

Writing Lecturer: 


Experiential Lecturer:


Retreat Schedule:

8-9         Morning activity: Yoga or walking is suggested. Feel free to open an app of your choice during this time.


9-9:45   Writing Lecture:              Day 1: Introduction to Story Structure

                                                         Day 2: A deeper look into Developing a Story


9:45-10 Chatting: Go to our exclusive social media account and chat with other authors.

              Optional: Rest.


10-12    Writing: Focused writing time with a 5 minute guided meditation at the start, 5 minute breaks visually suggested every 20 minutes, and a 10 minute suggested break at the halfway point.


12-1      Lunch: Feel free to chat in the group while preparing or consuming your healthy lunch.


1-3         Writing: Same as above, only the starting 5 minute guided mediation and halfway 10 minute break will suggest mindful movement to better stimulate the body and rouse the mind.


3-3:45   Hands-on Lecture:          Day 1: TBD

                                                          Day 2: TBD





Story Structure Retreat

  • The Lecture Only option offers 3 hours of video lecture only. No retreat extras available. 

    The retreat option is a full-service digital retreat. Follow the full schedule over the course of a weekend or jump to the parts you love most. 

    The Retreat in a Box offers the same full digital retreat upon purchase along with a box of themed goodies with an approximate $50 value. Goodies include things such as figit devices, tea or coffee packets, fuzzy socks, and a scented novella candle by Kill Your Darlings Candle Co. 

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