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Writing is like... Gobstoppers

Writing is like a Gobstopper. You know those little candies with a soft, almost chalky red center coated in three layers of flavored candy shell? Those.

Most writers are readers first, and we’re all human. No matter how diverse our brain, it’s still formatted for story. We read, we live, we build the basic construct of story in our minds. That is what we bring with us to the page when we start writing. That is the chalky middle of a Gobstopper.

It’s got sugar so it’s technically a candy, but if that was the only thing a Gobstopper offered, I wouldn’t buy it. Same (unfortunately) is true for most of our first writing attempts.

BUT, then the candy gets smart. It wraps itself in a layer of better flavored hard candy just as we take that first step toward improving our craft. It could be reading a book on craft, attending a conference (or buying a digital one!), or finding a critique partner or writing group. No matter what the format, each time we do one of those things to improve our skills, we make the candy, and our writing, better.

So, keep laying up my friends. A Gobstopper is only the beginning. Add as many layers to your writing as you can!

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