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Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star

The Mindstar installer adds two new default Cessna 172SP aircraft, one with the Mindstar G1000 with default autopilot and one that uses the Mindstar autopilot. A FS2004 Cessna 182S & 182T was also installed into FSX, but I could not operate either of these aircraft without FSX crashing on my system. Now for the good news, Eaglesoft provided support to Mindstar, so when you run the G1000 installer it will also add two additional Twin Star aircraft. One designed for square monitors with the Mindstar G1000 and the Mindstar KAP-140 autopilot and the other designed for widescreen monitors. The nice thing about this is that no panel editing is required; it is ready to go after installation. If you purchase the Twin Star after the Mindstar G1000, just run the G1000 installer again and the two new aircraft will be added to your aircraft list. I now have a premium twin engine aircraft installed with the G1000 along with the Cessna 172SP.

Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star

For a twin engine aircraft the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star is a very easy aircraft to operate. The aircraft does not have a lot of systems to learn. One of the included documents is a checklist which I will be using for this section to see how accurate the simulated procedures are. This is such an easy aircraft to start that I was able to memorize the engine start procedures after the first startup.


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