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in addition to the ir indicator, the system also includes other types of sensor, including an ambient light level sensor and proximity sensor. all these sensors are available on the alpris signal, and the ikmultimediahomekitserver software interfaces with these sensors via the ikmultimediaalprisextensions class. this handles the conversion of data between the ios native sensors and the alpris api, such that the app can easily access the information.



the microphone input is also on the alpris signal, and provides not only the usual audio recording, but also the ability to shift key audio around. at the moment, this feature is only available via wi-fi, but will be available over bluetooth in a future update, alongside some further functionality. this feature is also available via the ikmultimediahomekitserver software, and thus can be used both from the ios device or from the homekit-enabled device. this provides a versatile solution for both internal and external use cases.

the release of the system includes a couple of bug fixes, and also a couple of other tweaks that make it easier for the designers to produce better results. the ikmultimediahomekitserver software also now provides a much greater level of flexibility, to allow the ikmultimediacdsupportaudiochassis plugin to control the ikmultimediahomekitserver software from the ios app, directly. this will allow for much greater flexibility from the iphone or ipad. this was previously an optional add-on to the ikmultimediahomekitserver software, but the developer has now created a bridge that has allowed this functionality to be part of the main software suite.


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