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i think music is the universal language and when youre the first person to be able to help people understand each other better thats pretty much the dream job, said nils frahm on his long-awaited solo album songs of life, which drops on the 21st of july. nils frahms first solo album since 2010, songs of life is comprised of slow-paced, peaceful piano tracks that are interspersed with electronics and the occasional string instrument. frahm turns the piano in his studio into a percussive instrument, creating a clicking sound on tracks like the ghost of miriam and the wolf> in order to emphasize the melancholy of the song. frahm also used the piano to create a synth sound on the beast that mimics the sound of a bicycle bell ringing. i was reading a lot of philosophical poetry at the time, said frahm. i was coming up with these conceptual ideas of the nature of life and the nature of time.

VRITRA COMPLETE EDITION - Original Sound Track activation key

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the music of kenya has a glorious and understated beauty that remains frustratingly off the mainstream radar, despite its clear appeal. auma, by nairobi duo odd okoddo, is an elegant collage of faint electronic drums, colorful synths, and emotive lyrics (sang in a musical style called dodo). though the group discusses love, politics, and family, the music behind the message is aumas best asset, making it the perfect soundtrack for east africa, where the party goes through the night, and well into the workday.

surf gang ceo evil giane is at the forefront of the new york city underground right now, and moving upward at an astounding speed. giane has been producing for a few years now, using monikers such as yunaloe and aloevine before adopting his current alias. originally dropping mostly house tracks, he began releasing hip-hop beats a few years ago and has not slowed down since. his trademark sound now consists of clean, punchy drums and uplifting melodies though his drill and even experimental punk beats rival some of the greats too. recently, evil giane has produced for a plethora of up and coming stars: newcomers hook, babyxsosa, and pasto flocco, as well as established underground heroes like black kray and bootychaaain.


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