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The emergence of this storage medium has driven the shift from the serial SCSI protocol to the high-speed, parallel NVMe protocol. To ensure high throughput and low latency of the all-flash NVMe protocol, the latest-generation storage network must ensure zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput to support remote direct memory access (RDMA).

Between 11,000 and 3,000 years ago, people living in small groups around the world gradually shifted from herding, hunting, and gathering to growing crops and providing pasture for animals. As a result, human populations and the number of domesticated animals and plants increased, growing together in mutual dependence.3 People settled into more densely populated, hierarchical societies. Agriculture, the practice of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock for food and other products, was a transformative ecological phenomenon that replaced natural biodiversity with a limited number of selected species. However, by altering environments, humans, and the biota they sought to tame became more susceptible to pests, disease, and famine.


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