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Banana Bugs Game BETTER

Play this funny action arcade game and help monkeys save the crop of bananas from the bugs' invasion. Control a monkey, shoot ropes to cut the bugs' net and defend your banana stock. Prevent bugs from entering Monkeytown, create and upgrade buildings, beautify the town and draw separation lines.

Banana Bugs Game


This PC program was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11 and is compatible with 32-bit systems. The Banana Bugs installer is commonly called BananaBugs.exe, Banana Bugs.exe, tmbdfft.exe, popcapgame3.exe or popcapgame1.exe etc.

The game is simple to play. You click to string ropes across a maze and zap the bugs that are trapped inside the ropes. Zap all the bugs and you get to collect bananas and move on to the next round. If a bug collides with your rope, you get smacked and lose a life.

This is a game that young and old players will love. Even my teenage son started playing it after watching me, and I must admit, I have played this game a bit more than I really needed to in order to write this review.

This game really surprised me. On the surface it sounded ridiculous, but it kept popping up as #1 on "Games You'll Love", so I checked out the 1 hour trial on a whim, and am glad I did. Within 15 minutes I had to have it.This arcade game will keep you busy for a very long time, and won't drive you crazy in the process. I just finished playing it for 6 hours straight, am somewhere around level 100 and am nowhere near finished. The graphics are excellent and the game play takes a few minutes to get the hang of, but after you do, you'll have a tough time turning it off.The theory's pretty simple but I'm finding it very hard to describe: you put the monkey in the smallest section of the screen that you can, and try to "close off" the bugs. If your rope hits a bug before it makes the "wall", you lose a life. If you manage to deep six all the bugs before you've closed off 85% of the area, you get extra points and can get 100% clearage. I know that's vague, but this is one of those games you just have to play to "get" it.As you progress through the game, it gets tougher and extra powerups happen, all of which are pretty transparent but are appreciated when they come into play. The side theme of the "town" is just okay, but the real fun is just the gameplay itself.Glad I found this one.

Whenever I want some "mindless " fun, Banana Bugs is my game of choice. It is very challenging in at least 1/2 of the 476 levels and as another reviewer mentioned it is virtuallyimpossible to not lose a life or 2 in the initial 50 levels. Thank goodness for the many powerups that become available as the game progresses. Other gamers have outlined the general premise of BB. What I will offer is some hints on how to deal with the various species of bugs that haunt our monkey friend.The mosquito travels slowly but does speed up if one is facing the rope as it is being drawn. The roach is confounding as the player never knows what direction it will take. Be cautious with these pests. The dragonfly is fast but can be taken out when he pauses as it turns around. Both the fly and the moth are fast as well, but the player can get them to leave the playfield by shaking the rope over them without actually drawing a line with the rope. While they are gone, draw the line and upon their return, they are goners.The large red millipede goes slow but speeds up when a rope segment is being drawn. He can otherwise easily be trapped. The most dangerous bug is the yellow jacket who does not appear until around level 121. He generally travels slowly but every 15 seconds or so, speeds up tremendously and homes in on a drawing line so be careful with this awful pest. I have found that the use of the casino as the game progresses becomes unworthy since some of the other powerups bought with an increasing stash of bananas are better tools. The furthest I have gotten in this game withoutbeing killed off by the nasties is level 381. You will moan and groan while battling the bugs and some unapt language is a definite possibility, but it's all in good fun. As a daily deal, Banana Bugs is almost stealing.........that's how good this game is. I urge all BFG gamers to at least give it a trial.

I LOVE Banana Bugs it hours and hours of fun. I can not get enough even when you have played all the levels over 300 of them. This game is Intense and a blast I recomend it for all ages. I can't see anyone disliking this one. I have rapped it 5 times and I still can not get enough. My Husband thinks I am nuts. I get so excited when I play he gives me these funny looks and tells me he is going to wash my mouth out with soap....giggle.

This is a very fun/addictive game, It`s similar to Cosmic Bugs and Water Bugs, only difference is it`s Monkeys instead of aliens, but object is pretty much the same. You trap the monkey by building lines across the box and make sure the "bugs" don`t get you or you could "die". I`m glad this was on the DD, but would buy it even if I paid the full price.

I saw Banana Bugs as the Deal of the Day for $2.99 and the title and game picture turned me off - it sounded and looked stupid, but when I checked the reviews and saw that it was a short download I figured what the heck, I'll check it out.Banana Bugs is one of the most fun (and seriously addicting!) games I've ever played and currently ranks as my favorite. When I finish one games (all 450+ levels) I start all over again and have yet to get tired of it . . . although my forearm does from pressing the mouse button to build the walls after a couple hours of play.Level 1 starts out super easy... you'll progress up to 450+ levels before a game is completed and they go fast. The first location has only 4 levels to play, and each location increases the number of levels to complete that location.You try to build walls and cover at least 85% of the game frame - without the bugs hitting you - cuz if they do, you're zapped and you hear a SNAP! that, after awhile, might cause you to cringe, ROFL! The game starts out with a single blue mosquito who floats along but tends to speed up toward you when you start building a wall. Other bugs added are psycho bees that bounce all over the place with an annoying buzz; red ants that lumber along; predictably unpredictable roaches that change directions very quickly and race down a wall and SNAP! You just lost a life. (You start out with 6 lives; when you use them up you have the option of continuing in the same game or starting a new game.) Then there's the pink dragonflies that fly back and forth... these are particularly challenging when they don't fly in unison but staggered and opposite of each other making it fairly difficult for timing to build a wall. And there's a long red centipede that takes up a lot of space and races toward you quickly where you are building a wall. A slow moving green caterpillar that makes a really gross squishing sound when you zap it. There are white moths that like to migrate toward you and then hang out behind your head so you

Click Here to Download This GameGame Size: 72 MBPassword: apunkagamesDownload Game SetupPlease share with your friends and help us to make best gaming community!

Banana Bugs is an entertaining arcade game inspired by the likes of the old Qix and Volfied games. The gameplay is pretty much similar to the one of those classic games, meaning that in order to win you have to conquer the majority of the playfield, and you do that by sectioning it (drawing separation lines). There are some obvious differences though between these old games and Banana Bugs. One of them is the fact that Banana Bugs is updated to our modern days and therefore provides better graphics. Though not necessarily impressive or sophisticated, the graphics are colorful and appealing. Another difference is the fact that Banana Bugs comes with a specific story and a main theme: you control a little monkey that defends a banana stock from bugs by shooting ropes that cut areas of the board (a net).

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then youshould wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is a singleplayer platformer with several multiplayer mini-games. It is a remake of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (a compilation of Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 with additional stages).

This page is for a list of bugs that have been discovered. They are separated into Confirmed and Patched. Feel free to add a bug that you found that is not listed here. Note that what is written on this page may not always be reliable.

If the player selected the second or third monkey in the active shots after completing a level, the game may not automatically switch to the first monkey right before Golden Bloon Time. The game then proceeds to use shots starting from the selected slot, cycling through the last remaining shots from the right. Should the shots apparently end, the game will generate shots until the shots counter reaches 0, leaving the leftmost shots unused.

When playing, there is a glitch you could perform by minimizing the game then opening it again while sending bloons. This makes it so that the bloon you were sending is automatically sent without having to press anything (pc only).

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