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* Printing PDF is only available on Windows. For macOS or iOS check our PDFKit plugin functions.The conversion of arbitrary imported PDF files to PDF/A requires a separate license of the PDF/A Extension (extra purchase in addition to Pro license).

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Only if you buy the license from Monkeybread Software, you receive a license key valid for use in Xojo, Real Studio and FileMaker. Keys sold by DynaForms directly do not work with our plugins. For all orders of DynaPDF licenses, we pass your contact data for the order to DynaForms GmbH for creating license key and they will send you emails about new releases, newsletters and the license keys.

Trial settings are different limitations that you could embed to protected application to force user to obtain/purchase the license key for application to get rid of these limitations. So, trial limitations are working until the application is not registered with valid license key. Once protection finds a valid license key, trial limitations stop to work. If this does not fit in scenario of your application, just skip this section.


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