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Diagram On Greddy Blow Off Valve !!LINK!!

Hyundai blow off valves are used to prevent compressor surge, a phenomenon that readily occurs when lifting off the throttle of an unvented, turbocharged engine. The rapid slowing or stalling stresses the turbo and imparts severe turbo lag if the driver accelerates immediately after the surge event. Genracer stocks Hyundai blow off valves designed to release air and prevent damaging the turbo in your 2.0T Hyundai Genesis Coupe, as well as giving the car that iconic blow off sound.

diagram on greddy blow off valve

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If you have ever wondered why someone would go through the trouble of adjusting a blow off valve, wonder no more! There are several reasons someone might want to adjust their BOV, and we will explore a few here.

GReddy blow off valve FV2 is compact size but it has a long valve stroke. Furthermore, when the FV2 kit is mounted, the specialized funnel adapter increases the flow velocity and provides high relief performance.

We also carry turbo accessories and blow off valves from TurboXS. These valves, designed and built in Australia, are of extremely high quality and a unique design. The Type S valve is designed for cars running between 5-15psi boost and is adjustable. The valve vents to atmosphere at sound levels as high as 106dB. The Type H is a larger valve designed for cars running 10psi or higher. It is also fully adjustable and vents to the atmosphere with sound levels exceeding 110dB. Both valves are currently available in universal kits for a custom installation. The Turbo XS universal blow off valve kits include both steel and aluminum adapters for installation on either intercoolers or piping. Type H-34 shown.

When you suddenly lift off the throttle under boost pressure without a blow off valve, the throttle plate will suddenly close, sending the boost back into the engine and with no way of exiting the system besides heading back into your turbocharger.

The mounting flange and inlet retain the same dimensions as previous GReddy blow-off valves (TYPE-RS, RZ, and FV) so the TYPE-FV2 can easily replaced any of the older models. Made in Japan.Black on Black, adjustable detent rotary knob, floating valve, revised funnel outlet New 360 degree adjustable top hat - to point the. vacuum fitting. in any direction.Floating Valve design with opposing springs, alows for improved control, response and top hat design allow for rotating of the vacuum nipple without disassmebly of the unit.80-480hp rangeBOV gasket, nuts & boltsCompatiable with standard 2-bolt GReddy BOV flanges and Type-RZ outlet adapters.Replacement Parts for Type-FV II (FV, RZ / RS / S) - (here) To install this product, the GReddy blow off valve mounting flange is required. In addition, please prepare other necessary parts such as piping and hoses.Product Name Description CodeWeld-on Mounting Flange Aluminum 11900451or an 3rd party application specific adapter

We often get questions about our Blow Off Valve, how it works and about the essential parts and their functions.There are many different types and models of blow off valves, but all serve as the same purpose. Here, we review the basics, explain how a dump valve works and we go through the different parts and what they do. And, as we only manufacture atmospheric blow off valves, these are the ones we will cover here.

What is a blow off valve and how does it work?There are two different blow off valves; re-circulating and vented/atmospheric blow off valves. A re-circulated BOV is one where the boost pressure is re-circulated back into the intake, in order not to affect the engine already measured air / fuel mix. A vented BOV is one where the air is released out to the atmosphere instead of being reused.

Where a blow off valve should be fitted!The BOV is a separate part that is supposed to be mounted in the intake plumbing between the turbocharger compressor and the throttle plate.

What is the difference between Nuke Performance Blow off valve and a cheap copy from China etc?The more expensive BOVs have much more engineering behind the product which aims to make it more exact and able to perform at higher outputs.It is very common that a blow off valve will malfunction, or that it does not work at all at a higher boost pressure. This is usually due to leakage or due to late / not sufficient blow off.We put a great effort in-to the engineering of this BOV in order to maintain the same high standard as all of our products to secure that it always delivers what it promises.

My blow off valve is open at idle, what is wrong?For different engine setups, different BOV springs are used. If your BOV is open at idle you should change to a harder version.To know which spring to use for your engine setup, please see our Spring Pressure Chart.

I love the quality, I just installed a turbo kit and the blow off valve it came with was pink and just looked cheap too so I purchased this blow off valve and love the look and quality! I havent put this to the true test yet, my car is not not tuned yet so once I run it on the dyno get it tuned properly I'm sure this blow off valve will sound amazing and operate as it should. Greddy always has top quality products and if you have the money well worth the purchase!

GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE FV-II has an adapted Floating Valve structure that does not open up when the Surge Tank has negative pressure. For no strong initial load, both quick response under low boost and prevention of the relief under high pressure are together. This is a new generation blow-off valve. Made in Japan.

Note: To install this product, the GReddy blow-off valve mounting flange is required. In addition, please prepare other necessary parts such as piping and hoses. Weld-on Mounting Flange Aluminum (11900451) or a 3rd party application-specific adapter


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