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Hate Story 2 English Subtitles Full Movie Download _VERIFIED_

3. These translations are targeted to the pirated video download market. It helps make it easier for people to download movies illegally when they can understand what is going on. When the movies come out in Poland, they will have the appropriate subtitles.

Hate Story 2 English Subtitles Full Movie Download

I have been disappointed by the poor quality of Sentai's products vis-a-vis the fansubs of series such as Samurai Harem and Special A, both of which I bought. The same applies to Bandai's release of Kannagi, and I am holding off on buying the flawed release of Toradora!. In those cases, I consider the fansubs to be far superior. However, Funimation really outdid itself with its release of FMAB Bluray Part 1. Not only were the subtitles sub-par (compared, for example, to Eclipse's fansubs), but the subtitles were not even selectable. There was a choice between English audio with NO subtitles and Japanese audio with FULL subtitles. No English audio with full subtitles for the hearing-impaired (such as myself). No Japanese audio with no subtitles for those who are comfortable enough with the language. And no songs and signs subtitles for either audio track. I didn't download or buy the dvds for comparison, but dvds for years have had selectable subtitle capability. Why would ANYONE release a crippled bluray without that flexibility?


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