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Knowledge is Power, but we don't all acquire it the same

At Retreat Between the Lines, we encourage all writers to improve their craft through innovative options and expert guidance. Each program perfectly blends the educational benefits of writing conferences with the focused creativity time of a retreat, all from the comfort of your—well, anywhere you like.

Our programs are more than just recorded lectures. There are also times for writing, chatting with other writers, and optional meditation. There are no hidden fees, required small-talk events, unexpected schedule changes, conference halls to navigate, or travel requirements. Just expert guidance in a functional package specifically designed for the neurodivergent mind but accessible to all.


So, sit back, relax, and let us help you achieve your writing goals.


Testimonials coming soon.

  • Why should I pay for information I could get for free elsewhere?
    Because you’re getting more than just information; you’re getting an experience and expert education not provided for free.
  • What makes your programs so different?
    These programs offer a blend of writing, education, and community. Most conferences only offer education and most retreats only offer time; rarely do they offer both, with such flexibility, like we do.
  • Why are your subscriptions so expensive?
    The subscription provides nine unique retreats with 36 hours of educational contact. That is more than you’d be able to attend at any real-time weekend event, all for less than the cost of most weekend events.
  • Who are the educators?
    Each speaker is an expert in their field. You can see their full bio listed in the course content.
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